About The Event

Some of the questions panelists and participants will be exploring include:
  • What were some of the challenges Arizona women faced in their fight to get the vote?
  • What were some of the constraints they faced and how did these constraints affect the strategies they developed?
  • How did the passage of the Arizona Woman's Suffrage initiative in 1912 change the ways women participated in the political landscape and the issues they fought for?
  • How were the experiences of Native American, African-American, Hispanic women and other women of color different? How were they the same? How did these differences affect them in their efforts to participate fully in voting and the political process?
  • What were some of the bias and prejudices all women faced and what were some that were based on race and color?
  • How do participants in the movement for the final passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and members of the Arizona League of Women Voters bring contemporary issues and strategies to the public?
Details about the event are ongoing, stay tuned for updates!