As part of Arizona’s celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment, the Arizona Women’s History Alliance wants to honor the Arizona women who worked so hard for the passage of our state’s suffrage law. We have launched a Suffrage Statue Campaign to raise funds in order to place a statue of Frances Willard Munds, President of Arizona Equal Suffrage Association, in Arizona’s capitol mall in 2023.

$252,000 of $280,000 Raised 90%


Needed to ensure Francis Munds will meet her 21st century public.


Local artist Stephanie Hunter is the sculptor for the Francis Willard Munds Suffrage Statue.

Here is a sneak-peak of the statue in progress. We have entered the final phase before realizing the vision to honor Francis Munds and her Arizona colleagues.


  • Complete payment to sculptor, Stephanie Hunter
  • Hire architect and engineer to design statue hardscape (foundation, pedestal, and seating)
  • Create, forge, and install educational plaques
  • Purchase and install educational Otocast application
  • Hire contractor to construct hardscape
  • Hire transportation and installation



She mobilized Arizona women in 1912 to fight for their right to vote.

She stood up for the women of Arizona state; let’s help her stand on Wesley Bolin Plaza.

She was elected Arizona’s first female Senator and worked for the rights of women and children.

8 years before the passage of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution she convinced 65% of Arizona’s male electorate to vote “Yes” for Arizona women’s right to vote


On April 23, 2019, Governor Doug Ducey signed HB 2183 (the Frances Munds Suffrage Memorial) into law. This means her statue can now stand on Wesley Bolin Plaza! We need you and we need to raise $280,000 for the cost of the statue.


The following individuals, foundations, companies or organizations have made a donation to the campaigns as of August 2023:

$25,000 - $50,000

if you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us below:

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$10,000 - $70,000

Luke & Meredith Sorenson
Melanie Sturgeon Family
Silicon Valley Bank
Anonymous Donor
GFWC Glendale Women's Club
Seth K. and Lauren J. Hassell
Anonymous Donor

$5,000 - $9,999

Business and Professional Women, AZ
Kevin & Nancy Cummings
HEAL Foundation
Southwest Foundation
Jamie and Tarik Wilson

$1,500 - $4,999

Anna O’Leary
Daughters of the American Revolution, AZ

Community Foundation of AZ Southern Division--Betsy Bolding
General Federation of Women’s Clubs-AZ

Gail Lucky
Catherine May
​Beverly McManus
Jane Rosenbaum

$500 - $1,499

Maricruz Barker
David and Julie Benson
Jeremi Brewer
Dana Saylor Campbell
Elle Investments, LLC

Gloria Cuadraz
Elizabeth May
Mary Melcher
Heidi Osselaer

Aaron Rogers
Jill Weber

$250 - $499

Arizona Community Foundation
Jana Bommersbach
David Goana
Carrie Gustavson
Stephen Laband
Ocean Munds-Dry
Janeen Trevillyan

$100 - $249

Li Mahlek Art
Betsey Bayless
Norma Jean Coulter
Jesselyn Goana
Kenneth D. Goering
Collette Hill
Suzanne Hunt
Aimee Keller
Robert Kellis
Elyse Hunt MacKenzie
Christine Marin
Serene Matthews
Mark McOmber
Louis Mendoza
Ann Pyron
Mary Rothschild
Linda W. Smith
Elizabeth Stewart
Annamaria Swatzell
Neil Urban

Under $100

David Allen
Cindy Andresen
Margaret Baker
Susan Burns
Mary Betcher
Charles Biederman
Troy Bowman
Gary Brennan
Scott Brown
Heather Catfall
Amber Clark
Anna Connell
Julia Couch
Paula Cullison
Christel DeLord
Alice Duckworth
Breanne Fahs
Julie Faris
Kathy Gibbs
Niki Glen
Letitia Guerra

Scott Hancock
Blake Hardison
Jeffrey Harvey
John Heidenreich
Michelle Hoffman
Cynthia Hubiak
Carol Kozolski
Judith Ann Levin
Kathleen Mancino
Elizabeth May
Joan Mecham
Ruth Ann Meyers
Terry Minnow
Elvia Mioni
Michael Mortensen
Adrian C. Moyer
Classics Unlimited Music
Harold Payne
Eric Pyles
Melissa Rosel

Dustin Smith
Leanne Smith
Linda Speranza
Octaviana Trujillo
Riptide Pool and Spa
Arianna Urban
Shayna N. Whiting
Lynn Whitman
Tank Williams