The Arizona Women’s History Alliance educates, promotes and expands awareness of the history of women in Arizona. Our primary goal is to aid in the expansion of Arizona women’s history including research and writing and in increasing public awareness of the experiences and contributions women have made to the development of Arizona and to the nation.


We do so in the following ways:

  • Promotes and arranges collaborations with entities whose organizations focus primarily, but are not necessarily exclusive to, women’s history

    • Collaborations include women’s history projects, workshops, conferences and training seminars for member organizations or individuals.

  • Provides a biennial Arizona Women’s History Symposium.

  • Encourages and promotes local, regional and statewide exhibits focused on Arizona women.

  • Supports the activities of the Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail and the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame.

  • Supports the activities of institutions or organizations dedicated to women’s history.




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