Most people are not aware of the volume of non-fiction articles, books, Masters theses and PhD dissertations written about Arizona women. Doing the research to find this material is time consuming. This bibliography pulls together hundreds of published nonfiction sources that provide information about the experiences and contributions of Arizona women who collectively represent Arizona’s rich and diversified racial, ethnic, cultural, social, economic and political history.

This bibliography is meant for the person who is interested in reading about these experiences. It can also provide students, educators, amateur historians, and scholars with a starting point for research in the topics they are interested in. Be aware that while this list is comprehensive it is not conclusive, and new material becomes available all the time. We update the bibliography yearly. Many of these publications can be found at public libraries, but some are only available in research libraries located at state universities, archives, or historical societies.

This bibliography contains the following topics covering the history of Arizona women:

  • Arizona Women Biography collections
  • Arizona Women Pioneer Biographies
  • Arizona Women at Work
  • Arizona Women Writers and Journalists
  • Arizona Women in Politics, Law and Government
  • Arizona Women and Education
  • Arizona Women in Arts and Architecture
  • Arizona Women in Service, Health and Medicine
  • Arizona Women and Domestic Life
  • Arizona Women as Community Builders and Reformers
  • Arizona Women and Criminal Justice/ Prostitution/Violence
  • Arizona Native American Women
  • Arizona Mexican American Women
  • Arizona Asian American Women
  • Arizona African American Women
  • Arizona Women in Historic Preservation and Philanthropy
  • Arizona Women and Travel, Adventure and Sports
  • Arizona Women and Military Life
  • Arizona Women and Place

If you are seeking primary source material (original documents), there is a guide at the end of the bibliography which will help you navigate the abundant and rich resources of Arizona’s repositories.

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